Browse and Price Magic Online Cards

You can set your collection binder filters to display every MTGO card, even those you don't already own. This is a useful and powerful tool which allows you to browse through every MTGO card. In order to do this, set the OWNED filter on your binder to >= and the Version filter to REGULAR.

Empty Binder Card Filters

Your binder will now display every MTGO card in the game. You can further refine your search through the other filters.

Cards In Binder

Once you locate a card you wish to purchase, type the card's name in the CardBot Price Wizard. You don’t need to type the entire name, just a key word or two. The Price Wizard will display all cards with that key word.

Price Dropdown

Use the arrow keys or the mouse pointer to highlight the card you wish to add to your deck list. Add the highlighted card to your deck list by pressing enter or clicking it with the mouse.

Card Selected

Pressing enter multiple times will add additional copies of the card to your list. You can also use the green arrow icons beside each card to add additional copies. To remove a card from the list, click the red X beside the card's price.

Deck Detail

Keep adding cards to your list to determine the total price, in event tickets, of your intended purchases. When you are done, open a trade with CardBot on MTGO to complete your purchase.

Total Price